Corporate Governance

Please note that these documents are currently being reviewed and updated.

The PPK Board of Directors is committed to the principles underpinning good corporate governance applied in a manner which is most suited to PPK, and to best addressing the Directors' accountability to shareholders and other stakeholders. This is supported by an overriding organisation-wide commitment to the highest standards of legislative compliance and financial and ethical behaviour.

The following policies, procedures and practices have been developed, implemented and made publicly available by PPK in a concerted effort to foster a culture of transparency in the way the company is directed and managed and as a demonstration of the overall commitment to good governance principles:

  • PPK 2021 Corporate Governance Statement Download
  • PPK Board Charter Download
  • PPK Group Security Trading Policy Download
  • PPK Shareholder Communication Policy Download
  • PPK Independent Director Assessment Download
  • PPK Market Disclosure Policy Download
  • PPK Performance Evaluation Processes Download
  • PPK Code of Conduct and Ethics Download
  • PPK Remuneration Policy Download
  • PPK Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter Download
  • PPK Risk Oversight and Management Framework Download
  • PPK Environment Policy Download
  • PPK Bribery and Corruption Policy Download
  • PPK Code of Conduct for Directors and Officers Download
  • PPK Audit and Risk Committee Charter Download 
  • PPK Diversity Policy Download
  • PPK Whistleblower Protection Policy Download