Growth Strategy

In October 2013 PPK, under the leadership of new Executive Chairman Robin Levison, announced a revitalised growth strategy, where it would increase its focus on production, technology, safety and automation products and services that primarily target the global high-gas underground coal market. By leveraging its considerable in-house expertise the group intends expanding its existing Rambor and PPK Mining Equipment businesses, and to capitalise on counter cyclical pricing opportunities by acquiring other synergistic mining services companies with strong cash earnings streams.

For the foreseeable future PPK will also continue to generate revenue from its existing investment in its industrial property portfolio and ongoing property development. It is the group’s intention to continue with an orderly and progressive divestment of its property investment and development activities. Funds from any such future divestments will be used to repay debt, associated capital management strategies and to help fund future mining services acquisitions.

In line with its strategic growth goals the company’s immediate priorities are to:

  • Capitalise on opportunities to acquire strong cash earnings mining services businesses at prices that will add significant longer term value to PPK and its shareholders.
  • Leverage cost and efficiency synergies and cross marketing opportunities to enhance the profitability of the existing Rambor and PPK Mining Equipment divisions.
  • Identify and establish new export channels for the group’s existing mining related products.